North Sails contribution to preserve the Ocean for future generations
Today we pledge to donate part of our revenues to the Ocean Family Foundation, to make an immediate impact for Ocean Conservation. Read more below.

We all have to preserve the ocean for future generations.
Our contribution
Starting from the SS18 North Sails Collection, hitting shop floors this month, we will start funding conservation initiatives by contributing 1% of our revenues to Ocean Conservation in partnership with the Ocean Family Foundation, who for example support the grassroots organization A Plastic Ocean, who aim to create plastic free aisles in supermarkets to reduce single-use plastic, a major source of pollution.

As a company, we have started using recycled materials starting with a T-shirt collection to be launched in April. The share of this kind of product will increase every season, as we are a brand in transition to become a more blue company.

And we will help to raise awareness, because if more people know, more will care, and more will act, which will really help accelerating change.