NORTH SAILS APPAREL is committed to create value for all its partners as well as establishing relationships based on respect, responsibility and excellence with employees, customers, consumers, shareholders and business partners, responsibly from a social and environmental point of view. This requires solid financial results, respect for the environment and social commitment.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL will work together with all its business partners to introduce positive changes and encourage compliance with this company policy.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL requires compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL will adopt standards consistent with this company policy, if the laws and regulations in force are not in line with it.


Health & Safety

NORTH SAILS APPAREL actively pursues continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

The goal of NORTH SAILS APPAREL is to guarantee a safe working environment for its employees.

All NORTH SAILS APPAREL units will scrupulously comply with national laws and / or labor contracts.


Labor relations

NORTH SAILS APPAREL pursues a non-discriminatory corporate culture based on responsibility, excellence and respect, in order to enhance the skills of its workforce.

It is NORTH SAILS APPAREL's policy to treat all current or potential employees fairly and without prejudice.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL undertakes to abolish any unfair or discriminatory practices.

All NORTH SAILS APPAREL employees are offered equal career opportunities without distinction of sex, family status, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, religious belief, political affiliation, age (in respect of the contractual retirement age) or disability.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL undertakes to pay fair wages and benefits in compliance with current standards wherever it operates.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL will demonstrate good faith and mutual respect in all relationships with employees and their representatives in the workplace. We recognize the fundamental right of free trade union representation and allow employees and trade unions to participate in collective bargaining. Our procedures will be based on internationally recognized labor standards and we will consider the customs and legislation of the various countries in which we operate.


Commercial procedures

It is NORTH SAILS APPAREL's policy to treat all current or potential business partners fairly and without prejudice.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL requires that all employees, regardless of qualifications, degree or level, observe the following professional and personal ethics standards in the performance of all their duties and responsibilities:

  • NORTH SAILS APPAREL employees must demonstrate honesty and integrity in every relationship with colleagues, customers, suppliers, other business partners, communities and government authorities.
  • NORTH SAILS APPAREL and its employees can not make illegal or improper payments or provide bribes or participate in bribery. NORTH SAILS APPAREL and its employees will not be able to accept payments, gifts or other types of reimbursement by third parties that may alter their objectivity in commercial decisions more or less explicitly.
  • As a global company, NORTH SAILS APPAREL must comply with laws and regulations that promote free competition and encourage ethical and legal behavior. In general, antitrust and free competition law prohibits activities that may restrict free trade and free competition. NORTH SAILS APPAREL must operate in full compliance with this legislation.
  • NORTH SAILS APPAREL employees must avoid situations in which their personal, family or financial interests may conflict with those of the NORTH SAILS APPAREL company. In the event of a potential conflict of interest, the employee must communicate it and request authorization from the Management.


Respect for Human Rights

NORTH SAILS APPAREL respects fundamental human rights and carries out its activities in full compliance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL supports and respects the protection of human rights in its sphere of influence, in particular the abolition of forced labor and child labor, and adopts this criterion in the selection and management of its relations with suppliers and subcontractors.


Liberal Contribution

NORTH SAILS APPAREL does not make contributions of any kind, directly or indirectly, to political parties, movements, committees and political and trade union organizations and to their representatives and candidates except in the forms and ways provided for by current legislation.

In the event of sponsorships and donations to entities operating in the social or non-profit field, particular attention will be given to any possible conflict of interest when choosing which proposals to join.

All donations and contributions must be expressly authorized with an act of the Legal Representative which proves the legitimacy of the contribution or donation, the recipient, the purpose, as well as the methods of payment that must find truthful and transparent registration in the accounting documents of society.


Social relations

NORTH SAILS APPAREL is committed to providing a positive social contribution to the communities in which it operates.


Communications and data security

NORTH SAILS APPAREL undertakes to provide open and transparent communications, within the limits of commercial confidentiality.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL will respect the security of data relating to individual persons (employees or third parties) of which they may acquire or will have to manage within their own activities. In the absence of specific authorization, no employee NORTH SAILS APPAREL may consult, modify, disclose or use any confidential information at group or personal level for illegitimate purposes.



All directors, officers and managers of NORTH SAILS APPAREL and its affiliates are responsible for the implementation and compliance with this policy and for ensuring that they are aware of and respect for employees.

This policy covers all the activities of NORTH SAILS APPAREL and all its employees in the world, regardless of qualification, degree and level.

The company expects equivalent standards of conduct from all persons operating on its behalf.

NORTH SAILS APPAREL employees who work in partner companies must also comply with this policy.

The representatives of NORTH SAILS APPAREL on the boards of directors of these companies must bring to the attention of the Business Group Senior Management any activities of the partner companies in contradiction with the spirit of this policy.

This policy is not all-encompassing and, in case of doubts regarding the respect of the policy itself, NORTH SAILS APPAREL employees must contact their supervisor before taking any action that may violate it.

The practical application of this policy will be monitored regularly and communicated openly.


Procedure for handling violations / complaints

Any employee aware of a violation of the laws in force or of this policy must immediately inform their superior. If the direct superior is involved in the situation or in conflict for other reasons, the violation must be communicated to his immediate superior as well as to the Management of NORTH SAILS APPAREL.

The company managers must analyze and resolve all complaints of this type by referring to the Management of NORTH SAILS APPAREL.

The Management of NORTH SAILS APPAREL is also available for any private consultancy for employees who need assistance, help or clarification regarding aspects related to this policy.




North Sails is a trademark of North Sails Inc (North Technology Group). Tomasoni Topsail Spa is the exclusive licensee of the brand for Europe and Asia. Both companies (North Sails Inc and Tomasoni Topsail Spa) have been acquired by Oakley Capital Private Equity.