#OceanForLife Chapter 4 Alena Blohm I SS19 Campaign

    Our journey ends with the Green Workers. Read on to find out more about them!

    Alena Blohm is an up-and-coming German model. She has lived in New York for years, where she is very active on social media in support of environmental causes.

    In our previous chapters, we highlighted the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and its impact on the lives of fishermen. Now we are shifting our focus to those who are committed to helping solve the problem. With people all around the world getting involved in the cause, including in Mumbai, we returned to Dharavi with Alena Blohm to meet a community dedicated to recycling plastic. Known as Green Workers, they are supported by the Dharavi Project.

    “The work they do is enormous”, the Dharavi Project told us; without them the whole of Mumbai would be a dump. They work every day picking up all the plastic they can from streets, beaches and dumps, then bring it home where they sort it and sell it to be recycled. It is an extremely useful daily task, which they also earn money from.

    The association supports and organises the workers, training them in better waste-handling and recycling practices. They also try to improve the workers’ sanitary conditions and offer them an education, bringing a sense of hope to the community.

    The Dharavi Project itself is even more far-reaching, with cleaning beaches and helping the Green Workers only being one part of what the association does. They want to help solve the problem of plastic pollution by making people aware of it, and encouraging them to become part of the solution. Huge efforts are being made to increase education about plastic pollution in schools, so we can raise a population that is aware of the problem, and capable of creating solutions for it.

    We agree that these activities help to create hope for the future, and that education is clearly part of the solution to the problem.

    This last chapter rounds off our global look at plastic pollution in our oceans. We hope you enjoy it.

    The solution is in our hands, we can all do things better, and we here at North Sails are no different: there are no excuses. #OceanForLife #TheMumbaiDiaries

    North Sails

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