North Sails contribution to preserve the Ocean for future generations

    Today we pledge to donate 1% of our revenues to the Ocean Family Foundation, to make an immediate impact for Ocean Conservation. Read more!

    Starting this project during Spring Summer and to celebrate our 60 th years anniversary, we started to fund  conservation initiatives by contributing 1% of our revenues to Ocean Conservation, which is a UK-based organization that supports ocean-related projects and is passionate about the world’s oceans.

     They are boat owners, sailors, scuba divers, free divers,lovers of marine life and marine environment. They love to spend time in, on and navigating around the world’s oceans.Their main goal is to protect the ocean pollution and educate the world about the plastic pollution, and the effect on the marine environment the importance of biodiversity.

    For years, huge quantities of heavy metals, plastics and pesticides have been invading our seas, compromising flora and fauna. This plastic is estimated at 8 million tonnes per year: the equivalent of a truck full of rubbish being poured into the sea every minute. If things continue as they are, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. The good news is that it’s not too late to act. All we have to do is change course, starting with small daily gestures and individual choices.

    Plastic is no longer just a threat to our seas but a reality that is becoming clearer by the day. The time has come to change things, starting with our daily habits. There is still time to act but we need to do it right now. Together.
    A change that must 
    start with all of us.

    This organization are helping various projects:

    1/ The Volvo Ocean Race: OFF supports the sailing team Turn the Tide on Plastic, which has raised awareness with more than 80,00  children and 1700 influencers across the globe.

    2/ The Ocean Without Borders initiative expands their longstanding dedication to land and wildlife conservation to include the protection and preservation of our oceans. OFF will cover the operational cost for 3 years.

    3/ A Plastic Planet is a grassroots organization with a single aime – a plastic free supermarket aisle.

    Our aim is to raise awareness about the issue of plastic in our oceans and we are right at the beginning of this long and exciting journey. Starting with the Spring/Summer ‘18 season, we will donate 1% of our revenue to the Ocean Family Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard marine biodiversity and protect our oceans from the effects of global pollution. Not only that, North Sails’ commitment to ocean conservation continues with its support for Ocean Ramsey, Juan Oliphant and Mariasole Bianco, both marine biologists chosen by the brand as ambassadors.

     To mark this partnership with OFF, we created a FREE THE SEA capsule collection of T-shirts and jumpers made of upcycled cotton and materials derived from recycled PET bottles. You can find now find the collection in stores as well as on our website. You have the choice between different colours, different designs and we must say, these t-shirts will be perfect cut for any active use

    Printed T-Shirt - Recycled
    Printed T-Shirt - Recycled
    Printed T-Shirt - Recycled

    Upcycling the Oceans is an unprecedented global adventure that will help rid the oceans of plastic. The more people know about this issue, the more will care, and more will act… A revolutionary project in which we can make things change… All together !

    North Sails, 

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