Plastic Free Christmas!

    Christmas season is around the corner! Christmas season can be magical no matter where you are in the world, everything around you seems more lovely than usual. Read more and discover what you can do to have a plastic free Christmas!

     Christmas also means party season, gifts, decorating your house and dressing to impress! The key to be ready for it, is to be prepared which means buying and preparing in advance and making sure you have everything on hand when needed.

     But this year, start with your New Year’s Resolutions earlier than expected and follow the 4 tips for a plastic-free Christmas. 

    1/ Mind the festive decoration

    This Christmas, make every room look as festive as possible. When you think of the usual Christmas decoration, you probably have in mind colourful lights, metallic tinsel, sparkles, Christmas tree and much more! Don’t worry we have a solution for you: natural festive decoration!

    Natural doesn’t mean boring tough… As in a winter forest there are million different shades of colors, shades from reds to greens to browns so get out there for some natural decorations.

    Think branches, pine cones, twigs for this little extra decoration.

    There is nothing like the amazing aroma of evergreen filling in your home and also, it can be a great source of decoration for your gifts. Last but not least, think of buying a real Christmas tree, with a rootball so that you can replant it after Christmas.

    2/ Be the eco-warrior

    Plan your Christmas dinner menu with recipes that are sure to impress. Not only the food you will prepare but also the table decoration that deserves a special touch.

    This Christmas, think of reducing plastic waste: think real cutlery, real glasses,recycled straws for the little one… Don’t waste more plastic by using plastic plates, plastic cups that you will throw away after using it once.
    But, remember one thing decorating the table for the Christmas dinner is a great way to make the day even more memorable!

    3/ Rethinking gift wrap

    We know how important it is to pay attention to wrapping gifts! But before wrapping all of your Christmas gifts, think twice… It is estimated that every Christmas, we use and throw away enough wrapping paper to circle the entire globe at least nine times! You must think but isn’t paper recycled? Yes of course it is but not all of them! Glitter, synthetic inks and plastic coating are not… Don’t worry, there are plenty ways to make pretty Christmas wrapping gifts. Think newspaper by giving it a second chance, think colorful fabric, think twine and recycled paper tape and finally shredded paper is a great alternative to polystyrene to protect breakables.

    4/ Use recycle bags for your shopping

    Christmas shopping is a priority during the month of December, but remember to bring you reusable shopping bag to your grocery stores, farmers markets. Try to always carry one with you and to use it as many times as possible to make the bag worth its while.

    Have a wonderful Christmas time!

    North Sails, 

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