A change that must start with all of us.

    T-shirts that do good – and look good, too

    As lovers of adventure and the open water, one of the causes that sit closest to our hearts is maintaining and preserving our oceans. We see the impact caused by the huge quantities of plastic being poured in to our sea. In an effort to fight this, we’ve designed the new “Free the Sea” T-shirt collection. Created from upcycled yarns, made of 100% recycled cotton and PET bottles, and printed with eye-catching designs, this line is a way to do some good – and look good while you’re doing it. 

    Discover the new sustainable collection

    Let's drink to plastic-free oceans

    Pure people do it, cool people do it, and yes, you can do it: drink tap water! With this reusable Dopper bottle you'll turn the tide on plastic pollution and support safe drinking water projects. Simply ditch the disposable water bottles, refill this one instead and drink to plastic-free oceans!

    Go and recycle with this winning jacket

    We care about the environment, because it allows us to explore the world – but we want to keep it that way. That is why this jacket is made with entirely recycled fabric and padding. The lycra binding in tone at the bottom and in contrast color at the cuffs, the North Sails performance prints in silver reflective and multiple pockets finish this true North Sails winner.


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