Corporate Social Responsibility

At North Sails Apparel SpA we design our garments with great love and eye for detail. That same love and attention can also be found in the way we produce our clothing. We’re convinced that we can create clothing collections that enable our customers to express their personality and at the same time care about the planet. North Sails’ objective is that good working conditions and human rights should be respected at our suppliers. We see strength in collaborations with others and we seek solutions to drive us forward. At the moment we are working on further expansion of our CSR policy, with goals that will be published here in the near future.

In order to meet today’s global challenges, there’s a need for partnerships between people, companies and organizations to find solutions to the problems in society and the environment. In 2015 we became a member of the Foreign Trade association (FTA) and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). See also and

The FTA is the leading business association of European and international commerce that promotes the values of free trade and sustainable supply chains. The BSCI is a business driven initiative for companies committed to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. It unites more than 1000 companies worldwide around one common Code of Conduct and supports them with a step-by-step development oriented system.

The BSCI approach is first of all based on the principle of monitoring the supply chain by external auditors that are acknowledged by the Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). Secondly on empowering suppliers by providing extensive information to expand their knowledge and skills and finally on engaging active dialogs between stakeholders in the relevant sector to exchange experience and knowledge about the sustainable chain policy.

The BSCI Code of Conduct consists of 13 standards, including bans on discrimination, excessive overtime and child labor. Independent third party auditors carry out regular audits to enable us to monitor our suppliers globally. We believe it’s very important to invest in building a good and long-lasting relationship with our suppliers and BSCI’s monitoring system helps us to determine if our suppliers succeed in implementing the BSCI Code of Conduct and meet our requirements.

View the BSCI Code of Conduct here.

A supplier who cannot fulfill the basic requirements of BSCI Code of Conduct must agree to carry out improvements in order to remain a supplier to North Sails Apparel SpA. We also require suppliers to disclose any subcontractors that may be used in the production of North Sails Apparel SpA products so that we always know where our clothes are being made.

We believe that the combination of information, training and inspection on-site at factories is a good way to address problems and thereby improve conditions. Information on the Code of Conduct has been distributed to our suppliers and we are working to improve awareness of the code in different ways. We are constantly thinking about new ways to expand our CSR. This vision of creating a more sustainable world is a journey that can only work when there is determination, passion and teamwork. If you have any comments, remarks or questions regarding our CSR, please let us know at