As part of its activities, the company has established that it is the Organization's main objective to operate in such a way that all its activities cause the least harm to the environment, adopting the principles of environmental protection, pursuing the continuous improvement of its System of Environmental Management and the prevention and reduction of pollution.

In a special way the Company proposes itself  the following:

  • Consolidate, keep active and make systematic the Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements in its processes and services
  • Have a controlled and organized waste management, encouraging recycling or recovery wherever possible
  • To better manage the use of resources and raw materials by pursuing rationalization
  • Systematically identify and control the environmental impacts associated with the use of hazardous substances and noise and in general the environmental aspects applicable to the contract
  • Promote the involvement and, as necessary, the training of its personnel in environmental matters
  • Involve suppliers in compliance with the applicable environmental prescriptions by transmitting the relevant requirements
  • Maintain open and constructive relationships with the bodies of the Public Administration, with the communities in which the Company operates, as well as with associations, groups and individuals who have a legitimate interest in the environmental performance of the Company
  • Continuously improve its Environmental Management System.



North Sails Apparel S.p.A. has implemented a Social Responsibility Management System integrating it into its Management System

This means, for North Sails Apparel S.p.A :

  • considering its PERSONAL as a precious and strategic resource, guaranteeing its rights safeguard and promoting its professional and personal growth;
  • considering its SUPPLIERS as partners, not only for the provision of services but also for ethical behavior;
  • considering its CUSTOMERS as a fundamental element for the success of all the activities carried out, constantly working for their satisfaction also in reference to the rules of social responsibility

To this end, it is a formal commitment by North Sails Apparel S.p.A.:

1. comply with all the requirements set by the SA (Social Accountability) 8000 standard regarding:

  • child labor;
  • forced and compulsory labor;
  • health and safety at work;
  •  freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
  • discrimination;
  • disciplinary procedures;
  • work schedule;
  • remuneration.

2. comply with the conventions, the international instruments including their interpretations, the laws in force and the agreements signed in the matter;

3. guarantee constant monitoring and improvement of its Social Responsibility Management System, defining improvement objectives and verifying their achievement;

4. progressively improve working conditions and operate with a view to protecting workers, also through careful and more transparent internal and external communication.

North Sails Apparel S.p.A. guarantees the documentation, the implementation, the conservation and the effective communication to all staff of its MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and the results achieved.

It also guarantees systematic and adequate information to interested parties on the results of its Social Responsibility Management System.


Rapallo, 15.03.2018                                                            The Company management

North Sails is a trademark of North Sails Inc (North Technology Group). North Sails Apparel Spa is the exclusive licensee of the brand for Europe and Asia. Both companies (North Sails Inc and North Sails Apparel Spa) have been acquired by Oakley Capital Private Equity.