We can’t see ocean microbiomes, but we feel their importance in every breath we take. They produce half the oxygen we breathe and capture a quarter of the CO2 we emit. Climate change is critically impacting the ocean ecosystem, through warming waters, acidification, and plastic pollution.

North Sails is supplier for the Microbiome Mission of the Tara Ocean Foundation. This ongoing mission is studying the ocean’s most fundamental fabric — the microbiome — to understand the functioning of this ecosystem in a context of ongoing global change.

The Tara Ocean Foundation is leading a scientific revolution. They developed an open, innovative science laboratory that will enable them to predict, anticipate and better manage tomorrow’s climate risks. The research schooner Tara is a floating laboratory. It has already traveled more than 450.000 kilometers, making stopovers in more than 60 countries.

For the Microbiome Mission the aim of the schooner Tara for the next two years will be to travel 70.000 kilometers from the South Atlantic to The Antarctic. Aboard Tara, scientists are collecting the marine microbiome for a major DNA sequencing and imaging effort, while measuring a large number of environmental parameters, including temperature, oxygen level, presence of nutrients, and plastic pollution. This new mission will provide a more detailed understanding of the major mechanisms linking the microbiome and climate.

At the beginning of June, the schooner Tara has passed through the Panama Canal, heading to Martinique island.

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