The project with @SimonNessman - Chapter 2/3

    We continued our journey to Canada’s Pacific Coast, Vargas Island Park in Clayoquot Sound, where we filmed our Chapter 2 of the new FW18 campaign, with a visit to a new ecological project. A great chance to reconnect with nature and understand how we can all work together to help protect the environment.

    Simon Nessman, one of the most iconic models in the world of fashion, recently decided to abandon the city of New York and move to Vargas Island, a UNESCO protected nature area in northern Canada, and behind what he calls the asphalt jungle.  His passion for the sea has led him to become an expert in the world of sailing a discipline that he practices wearing our North Sails garments.

    Nothing is more comforting than the ocean and nature for Simon.

    A nature lover, a care for the environment Simon wanted to share this experience and dependence on ecological health with more people, that’s where he got the idea to create an ecological work station, called Cedar Coast Field Station in an effort to make a significant contribution to society. An ecological area with a lot of flora and fauna surrounding the station.

    The idea of this project is to provides,educators and students with the resources and an inspiring space to learn from ecology of Clayoquot Sound in a nature-based setting.

    The idea is to encourage the affinity for nature and preserve the ecological richness of the area for people that visit the place regardless of their reason for visiting.

    A paradise that he can call home.

    During this shooting, Simon told us how once you discover the raw beauty of nature and the ocean, you can’t help falling in love and doing something to protect them. To be honest, we also immediately fell in love.

    As he mentioned, when living in a big city it’s difficult to feel that the earth is alive.

    This project is about thinking locally and creating change on a global scale. We will not fight to save what we do not like and we will not like anything if we are not personally connected to it. Before saving or preserving the ecological health of a place, you must first develop a personal connection to it.

    We invite you to discover some European ecological projects. Live near nature is in your hands…






    His story has inspired us to continue to #GoBeyond and #ToTheOceans

    Discover Chapter 2 on our website and if you missed our Chapter 1, don’t hesitate to read about it on the blog.

    North Sails,

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