Promoting Company: NORTH SAILS APPAREL S.P.A. Società Benefit

Registered Office: Via Luca Signorelli 10 - 20154 Milano (MI) - P.IVA/C.F. 08768270152

Delegated Subject: Leevia s.r.l., con Sede in Piazza Centa 7, 38122, Trento - P.IVA 02339780229

Recipients: Adult buyers who will purchase during the competition period the products promoted online, at one of the North Sails direct sales points (retail, franchising, outlet and e-commerce) and physical sales points otherwise indicated on the initiative website.

Promotional products: Promoter products from the Fall Winter 2021 collection

Duration: From September 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021. Announcement of winner before January 20, 2022.


All recipients who from September 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021 will purchase in a single purchase session (single receipt) at one of the North Sails direct sales points (retail, franchising, outlet and e-commerce category) and physical sales points otherwise listed on the website of the initiative, at least 200 euros including the VAT of products of the Promoter of the Fall-Winter 2021 collection, will access the prizes up for grabs in this competition as detailed below.

For participation, following the purchase, recipients must keep the original receipt/order number, connect to the site and fill in the fields indicated as mandatory in the appropriate electronic participation form (including the data relating to the receipt/number order).

The original receipt and the proof of purchase containing the order number need to be kept for any checks until February 28, 2022.

Each user can participate only once even in the face of different valid receipts.

In fact, it should be noted that regardless of the number of purchase sessions with the relevant receipt/order number combined with at least 200 euros including the VAT of the products involved and purchased during the competition period, each user can participate only once. Each receipt/order number can be used only once for the purpose of participation; any receipt/order number amounts that are multiples of 200 euros of promotional products will still give the right to only one participation. Therefore, participation after the first attributable to the same receipt and/or to the same user may be invalidated even afterward.

Participation under a false name or false identity or fictitious identity will not be allowed. Also, in this case, the Promoter reserves the right to verify the identity of the participants and to take any appropriate action in this regard in the event of a violation of this rule.

All entries received will be collected by the Promoter or third parties appointed by the same in an extraction file.


By 20 January, 2022 in the presence of a notary or the person in charge of consumer protection and public faith of the Chamber of Commerce, we will proceed from the aforementioned file to the manual and random extraction of n. 1 winner (plus 3 reserves) who will win the prize consisting of:

- n. 1 voucher valid for a trip for an adult in French Polynesia. The voucher includes: return flight to Moorea in French Polynesia, no. 5 nights in a facility and with treatment chosen by the Promoter. On-site participation in voluntary and educational activities with Coral Gardeners for the conservation of the coral reef and the safeguarding of the oceans is envisaged. Transport to/from the airport and anything not indicated as included, is excluded. The voucher must be used in the times and methods that will be communicated to the winner. The total value of the voucher is equal to € 2,000 including VAT.

The user must be in possession of valid documents for expatriation and a valid passport in compliance with the entry regulations in the country of destination (plus any stopovers). If the recipient of the prize is denied entry to the country of destination, the Promoting company and the parties involved in this competition cannot be held responsible and the prize will be considered delivered in any case.

Following the emission of tickets and/or booking, the data of the voucher user can no longer be changed.

Regarding the travel voucher, it is also noted that:

• in case of no-show on the departure date;

• in the event that the user, being already on site, or for other reasons, uses only some components of the prize;

• in the event of lack of the requirements and/or documents valid for expatriation and/or further documentation required within the required terms;

the prize will in any case be considered fully assigned and the winner will no longer have anything to expect from the promoting company and subjects involved in the organization of the competition.

The reserves will be used in the event of the winner being unavailable. Any use of the reserves will be carried out in the order of extraction.


In addition, all those who purchase promotional products during the competition period according to the methods already described, (including the data relating to the speaking receipt/order number), will be entitled to receive the gift consisting of:

1 Coral Adoption Card worth € 25 including VAT.

Each buyer in the face of a unique receipt of at least 200 euros including the VAT of the products involved will be entitled to a gift. The gift will be delivered in digital format to the email address issued by the buyer in the form.

Prize money for the competition part of € 2,000 including VAT.

Estimated prize money for the operation of € 60,000 including VAT.


The winner of the prize competition mode (travel voucher) will be notified by e-mail and must validate the winnings within the times and methods communicated in the notification phase. The Promoter reserves the right to ask the winner for a copy of his/her identity document and/or the original receipt for the purpose of validating the win. In the event of failure to respond within the required times and methods, the winnings will be considered forfeited in favor of a reserve.

The voucher award will be transferable by written proxy to an adult-only once within the times and methods communicated by the Promoter.

In relation to the prize operation part, those entitled will receive the gift by e-mail to the address provided in the form.

Regarding validation by checking the receipt, it should be noted that:

- The prizes (both free gifts and vouchers) will be validated and recognized only in case of correspondence between the data provided during participation and the same data reported on the documentation (original receipt and data indicated in the form);

- No receipts will be accepted that shows the purchase date after or different from the period of the present competition and/or subsequent to the participation carried out;

- Counterfeit receipts, bearing abrasions or erasing, altered, illegible or if any technique has been used to alter them will not be considered valid. If all the required elements are not present, participation will not be considered valid;

- Any loss of the original purchase receipt requested will imply the forfeiture of the right to receive the prize and/or gift.

All those users who, according to the unquestionable judgment of the Promoting Company or of third parties appointed by the same, are excluded from participation in the Competition and will therefore not be able to enjoy any prize won by means and instruments judged in a suspicious, fraudulent manner, or in violation of the normal course of the initiative. The Promoting Company or third parties appointed by the same reserve the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised. There are no territorial restrictions on the residence or domicile of the participants.

The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify a competitor and/or block their account and/or reduce the points accrued if behaviors have been put in place such as to circumvent the game system designed (including, but not limited to hacking, creating temporary, fictitious accounts, multiple holdings from the same IP address, etc.). These holdings will be subject to verification.

The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any access problem, impediment, malfunction, or difficulty concerning the technical tools, the computer, the telephone line, the transmission and connection, the Internet connection that may prevent a competitor from participating in the competition or to accept their winnings in the times and methods indicated.

The winner is solely responsible for managing his/her e-mail box.

The Promoting Company and the third parties appointed by the same, do not assume any responsibility in the event of non-delivery or late delivery of the prize if one of the following conditions occurs:

The mailbox of a winner is full;

The e-mail indicated by the participant during the registration phase is non-existent, incorrect, or incomplete;

There is no response from the host computer after sending the e-mail notification of the win;

The mailbox of a winner is disabled;

The e-mail address indicated during registration is included in a blacklist;

Incorrect and/or untruthful personal data.

Users who try to register from providers usually used for the creation of temporary emails such as those present at this link will not be accepted and will not be able to register:

▪ The prizes will be delivered to those entitled to them within 180 days (six months) from the date of assignment.

The prizes up for grabs may in no way be converted into gold tokens or cash. The Promoter reserves the right if the prizes are unavailable for reasons beyond the Promoter's right to provide a prize of equal or greater value with similar characteristics.

The Promoting Company reserves the right to cancel this Competition at any time as well as to modify this Regulation without notice if required by unforeseen circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Deposit: The deposit equal to 100% of the amount of the prizes up for grabs for the competition part and 20% for the operation part, pursuant to art. 7 of the Presidential Decree 430/2001, was lent to the Ministry of Economic Development.


The prizes, if not awarded, for any reason, other than those rejected, will be donated to the following Non-Profit Organization, as required by art. 10 paragraph 5 of the Presidential Decree n. 430, October 26, 2001: Worldrise Onlus - Via Michele de Angelis 12 - 20162 Milan Tax Code 08403950960


It is noted that the participation costs will be those foreseen by the tariff plan agreed by each participant with his own provider, without any further cost or additional charge.

The relative server resides on the Italian national territory. For purchases through e-commerce, there is a mirroring system that duplicates the data on an Italian server.


The content of the promotion will be communicated using the following means: web campaign. The complete Regulations will be available on the website The Company reserves the right to use any other means of communication that appears suitable for making the contents of this prized event known. to the recipients of the same.

▪ The Promoting Company does not intend to exercise the right to recover the withholding tax of 25% provided by art. 30 del D.P.R. n.600 del 29/9/73.

▪ NORTH SAILS APPAREL S.P.A. guarantees that the processing of personal data provided by participants, who declare to be of age, concerning this prized event is carried out in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data as reported in the link in the participation form.

How to participate in this prize competition:

Participation implies for the consumer the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in this Regulation without any limitation.

Milan, August 13, 2021


S.P.A. Società Benefit

The Delegated Subject

Leevia s.r.l.