Get to know Dee Caffari

    Dee has sailed around the world six times. She is the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions and the only woman to have sailed non-stop around the world a total of three times.
    She became a North Sails ambassador in 2018

    In 2006 Dee became the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world against the prevailing winds and currents and was awarded an MBE in recognition of her achievement.

    Having originally started out as a secondary school physical education teacher, Dee made the decision to change careers in 2000 as the desire for adventure, travel and experiencing new environments took hold.

    Dee’s sailing career has seen her rise through the ranks to become one of the most successful and recognised offshore sailors in a very short space of time

    Now sought after to advise and skipper on sailing campaigns and initiatives worldwide, Dee draws on both her solo experiences and those gained as the only female skipper in the Global Challenge 2004/5 and Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18.

    Dee recently led ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ – the first mixed gender youth team to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18; with a strong sustainability message. Off the water, the issue of single use plastic in our oceans gained huge momentum and has inspired many people to take action in their day to day lives.

    Dee is a sought after motivational speaker and continues to work as an ocean advocate to highlight the vital importance of reducing our dependence on plastics. 
    Dee also spends time supporting her chosen charities and is Chair of the World Sailing Trust, a new global charity that will promote the health of oceans and grow participation of the sport to protect its future. In addition, Dee sits on the advisory board of A Plastic Planet (APP) who’s single goal is to turn off the plastic tap by dramatically reducing the use of conventional plastic.


    Dee’s passion for sailing and competitive spirit has seen her at the start line of some of the most iconic races across the globe.
    At the start of her competitive sailing career, Dee was the only female skipper on the Global Challenge Race 2004/2005. 
    After six months alone at sea, Dee successfully completed the Aviva Challenge in 2006 and set a world record by becoming the first woman to sail single handed and non stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents.
    She went on to successfully complete the Vendée Globe 2008/9 and become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world in both directions.

    In 2009, Dee added to her achievements by leading the all female team that set a new speed record for circumnavigating Britain and Ireland.
    Dee and her co skipper, Anna Corbella finished 6th place in the Barcelona World Race 2011, securing her position as the only woman to have sailed non-stop around the world a total of three times.
    Dee went on to join Team SCA for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 as part of the first all-female team to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race in over a decade.
    Dee was chosen to skipper ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18, the first mixed gender youth team to take part in the race.

    Discover more about Dee on her website

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