Chapter 3

How ocean plastic kills millions of marine species each year

The Mumbai Coast

starring Gotzon Mantuliz

A new chapter, a new story – this time, dedicated to the Mumbai Coast. With the arrival of the monsoon season, this area undergoes a terrifying transformation.


A natural-born explorer Gotzon Mantuliz has gained popularity through social media in his native Spain thanks to the environment-focused initiatives and as the winner of the El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo TV program. He is also the designer behind the brand that donates part of its profits to initiatives dedicated to preserving the oceans and the environment.

Ocean for life

“What we give, eventually we get back” – the old, local saying rings painfully true today. With the arrival of the monsoon season, this area undergoes a terrifying transformation. Only 15 years ago, the monsoon tide would wash vast amounts of fish and jellyfish ashore. Now, it brings bags, bottles and other plastic debris. The problem escalates even further, as abandoned fishing gear and nets, left to drift in the ocean, can trap fish and turtles swimming through them.

Ocean plastic pollution is estimated to kill millions of marine animals each year, including 700 endangered species.

The beach clean-ups are organised on a regular basis to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in this area. In just one day, the volunteers collect thousands of kilos of marine debris. The ocean, however, moves fast and, just as a dirty beach can be cleaned within days, so can a clean beach accumulate a new wave of waste material within a week.

This is a story of Mumbai, but the plastic pollution is a global problem that requires action from all of us. Discover our campaign, get inspired to make the difference and spread the word. Ocean for life!

Reduce, reuse and recycle!