Meet the explorers
Juan & Ocean
How would you feel about a swim with sharks? Juan Oliphant and Ocean Ramsey count it as a successful day at the office. Based in Oahu, the marine conservationists have devoted their careers to educating people about the ocean’s most misunderstood inhabitants – and saving the planet, one great white at a time. Their connection to nature leads them to push through preconceptions and shatter expectations – a perfect match for the spirit of ‘Go Beyond’.
Though fashion photographer Federico Sorrentino is most often to be found on city streets around the world, his work owes a major debt of gratitude to nature. He’s found acclaim by using natural lighting and incorporating an attention to detail more commonly found in wilderness photography. By bringing an outdoor point of view to urban vistas, he’s managed to create the  spirit of adventure wherever he is. 
Sailing’s in Giacomo Cavalli’s blood. As long as he can remember, he’s been chasing the spirit of adventure, taking on new challenges from his 49er. Sailing has taken him around the world, moving from the shores of Lake Garda to international competitions, always chasing adventure. Along the way, he’s learned to respect the elements and adapt to the extremes his sport has thrown at him. Through his travels and his life as a sailor, he’s moved beyond conventions and beyond boundaries – always testing the limits of what is possible.